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ISBN: 9789622093973

Doctoral Dissertations on Hong Kong, 1900-1997: An Annotated Bibliography


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Each entry in this bibliography provides, whenever possible, - Author's full name and year of birth - Dissertation title and subtitle (accompanied by a translation whenever the dissertation is written in a language other than English) - Degree-awardiing institution, country of that institution, and calendar year of degree - Type of doctoral degree (Ph.D., Ed.D., Th.D., Doctorat de 3e cycle, etc.) and author's academic major, academic department, or field of specialization - Pagination of the dissertation typescript - Citations to one or more published thesis abstracts - Statement indicating the availability of copies of the dissertation in one or more formats - 100-175 word long descriptive annotation - Table of contents of the dissertation typescript - Bibliographical citations to one or more books and/or occasional papers published by the author that either constitute his published dissertation or are derived from his research Statistical tables; Guide to the availability of dissertations; Indexes by author, by institution, and by subject. Table of contents: Preface 序言- 戴義安 香港大學校長 Forewords 前言 - 鄭耀宗 前香港大學校長, 前言 - 王賡武 前香港大學校長, 新加坡大學, 前言 - 簡麗冰 前香港大學圖書館館長 Introduction Introduction in Chinese 簡介 Abbreviations and Symbols 縮寫與記號 Maps of Hong Kong 香港地圖 Anthropology and Sociology 人類學與社會學 Architecture 建築 Art and Design 藝術與設計 Crime and Criminology 犯罪與刑事學 Demography, Population, and Family Planning 人口統計學、人口與家庭計劃 Economy 經濟 Education 教育 Environment 環境 Film and Cinema 電影與電影攝製 Geography 地理 Health and Medicine 保健與醫學 History 歷史 Housing 房屋 International Economic and Political Relations 國際經濟與政治關係 Language 語言 Law and the Judicial System 法律與司法制度 Libraries, Archives, and Information Services 圖書館、檔案館與資訊服務 Literature and Drama 文學與劇本 Martial Arts 武術 Mass Media and Communications 大眾媒體與交流 Music and Opera 音樂與歌劇 Overseas Hong Kong Chinese 海外香港華人 Politics and Government 政治 Psychology and Social Psychology 心理與社會心理學 Refugees In Hong Kong 在港難民 Religion and Philosophy 宗教與哲學 Science, Technology, and Engineering 科技與工程 Sports and Recreation 體育運動與娛樂 Statistics 統計學 Tourism 旅遊 Urban and Regional Planning 都市與地域設計 Appendix 1: Doctoral Dissertations Completed In 1998 And 1999 附錄 : 一九九八及一九九九年間完成之博士論文 Appendix 2: Addenda 附錄二 : 補遺 Appendix 3: Dissertations Written in Chinese and Japanese: Authors, Dissertation Titles, and Tables of Contents 附錄三 : 中文與日文語言之博士論文 Statistical Tables 統計表 Graph 圖表 Guide to the Availability of Dissertations 博士論文索閱簡介 Author Index 著者索引 Institutional Index 學府索引 Subject Index 主題索引 About the Authors 作者介紹
A descriptively annotated, multidisciplinary, cross-referenced and extensively indexed guide to 2,395 dissertations that are concerned either in whole or in part with Hong Kong and with Hong Kong Chinese students and emigres throughout the world.

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